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by Fanna Haile-Selassie

Decision 2010: Election blog from Walz headquarters

MANKATO, Minn. (KTTC) -- NewsCenter reporter, Fanna Haile-Selassie, is covering the events at Tim Walz's election night headquarters. Walz supporters are gathering at the City Center Hotel in Mankato, while waiting for the results in the first District congressional race. Read Fanna's updates below:

***11:47 p.m. -- Walz just thanked all his supporters for re-electing him to Congress.  He says now that Republicans have the House, he expects to see some constructive ideas come out of their party and hopes they can finally work together to get people jobs.  Walz also says all the problems still remain... and he plans to start working again for the 1st district tomorrow morning.

***11:30 p.m. -- Walz expected to speak in about 10 to 15 minutes.

*** 11:18 p.m. -- The Walz party is starting to thin out.  Major news organizations are calling Walz the winner in the 1st district Congressional race, but supporters are still waiting to hear him speak.

***9:19 p.m. -- I seem to be the go-to person to get updated election results... since I have internet.  Currently they are happy since Walz leads with 55% of the votes

***8:35 p.m. -- It's starting to look like a party now! Polls are closed, but nothing much coming in for the 1st district yet.

*** 8:02 p.m. -- People are really starting to show up at the headquarters now. Count about 20 to 25 people.

***7 p.m.. -- 2 people have showed up! And bartender is setting up.

***6 p.m. -- Other media starting to show up and set up shop.  Still no people here yet for the party.

***5:30 p.m. -- A few volunteers are starting to decorate

***4:30 p.m. -- Set up at the Walz's campaign headquarters in Mankato.  Only a couple of people are here.  One campaign volunteer says she's turning away any early people and having them go door-knock until 8 (when the polls close).  They may be bracing for a close election.

***2:20p.m. -- I'm on my way to Mankato. Tim Walz won't be there until later tonight, though. He'll spend the first part of the evening with DFl supporters in Rochester.

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