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By Joshua Stevens

Decision 2010: Election blog from Emmer headquarters


BLOOMINGTON, Minn. (KTTC) -- NewsCenter Today co-anchor, Joshua Stevens, is covering the events at Tom Emmer's election night headquarters. Emmer supporters are gathering at the Sheraton Hotel in Bloomington, while waiting for the results in the governor's race. Read Josh's updates below:

***10:25p.m.: Michelle Bachmann, U.S. House Representative for District 6, just gave her acceptance speech after winning her third term in Washington.
***10:14p.m.:  John Kline, U.S. House Representative for District 1, just thanked his supporters.

***10:04p.m.:  Erik Paulsen just took the podium to thank supporters for re-electing him.

***9:46p.m.:  Still no sign of Tom Emmer in the Banquet room here at the Sheraton Hotel.  The crowd and excitement continue to grow.

***7:58p.m.: Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann just entered the room. People started cheering. The 6th District representative is battling it out with DFLer Tarryl Clark.

***7:10p.m.: just arrived at the Sheraton. Not too many people here yet. Starting to set up my gear.

***5:58p.m. - Let the Decision 2010 results coverage begin!  After a short nap Tuesday afternoon, I'm on my way to the Sheraton Bloomington Hotel.  Look for continuous updates both on-air and online.

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