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Candidate profiles: Austin mayor's race

AUSTIN, Minn. (KTTC) -- They're familiar faces around the community of Austin. Mayor Tom Stiehm is up for re-election and he's running against Marian Clennon. So, just what do these candidates have to offer?

You'll see campaign signs around the city of Austin, encouraging folks to "Vote Stiehm" or "Vote Clennon."

Mayor Stiehm is completing his second term with the city and said he wants nothing more than to make it a third.

"I'm retired, so I don't have to worry about a regular job. I spent 30-years in the Police Department. I moved here almost 35 years ago and Austin's just been great," said Stiehm.

When his opponent isn't working at Hormel, you can find her at City Hall. Having been a member of the city council for the past year and a half made Marian Clennon want to run for mayor. If elected, she said she'd like to see more community involvement in decision making.

"I'd like to have open forums, where people can just give out their ideas and ask questions," said Clennon.

When it comes to tough questions, like the city budget and LGA money, both candidates have strong opinions.

"What's probably going to happen is that we'll be somewhere in between and we'll get some money, but not as much as we expect. Then, we'll just decide what we do and don't need and talk to people and see what they want," said Stiehm.

Clennon isn't quite as optimistic as the Stiehm. She feels we need to be more proactive in reformatting the government, in case a large chunk of the cities LGA money is cut.

"We just may not be able to repair the streets as many times as we do. Things just may not be as nice. We have a fantastic town, but some things just may need to be trimmed back, projects may be a thing of the past," said Clennon.

Stiehm and Clennon were in agreement on one topic, that illegal immigration isn't a matter that the city can or should tackle. Instead, illegal immigration should be handled at the federal level.

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