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Al Hein (Independent)

Al and his wife Merilee live on a family farm near Newburg, MN.  During his farming career, Al has been involved in dairying,milked cows for over 25 years, has raised hogs until the mid 1990's, as well as maintained a cow calf operation until the mid 1990's.  Currently the family farm raises corn and soybeans. 

Al attended Winona State College after high school where his major was business administration and minor was psychology until 1969 when he entered the Army Reserves and served with the 389th Construction Unit in Decorah, Iowa until 1975.  Al has served with the state corn growers association and the environmental subcommittee for soil and water quality. He has been active in lobbying efforts to lower property taxes for rural Minnesotans as well as to develop new  opportunities for agriculture and rural Minnesotans in clean and renewable energy.  He has been an active participant in lobbying state government on behalf of rural Minnesotans for many years. 

"I believe the state government does not pay enough attention to the issues of Southeastern Minnesota, whether it be our roads, schools, job creation, and the ever increasing burden of higher property taxes. We need to elect someone that stands apart from the party regulars, not bowing to the party insiders and who will speak plainly for the residents of District 31B.  Too many times we send people that stay on much longer and eventually become part of the problem and are no longer part of the solution.  With the wealth of talent we have in our District, wouldn't we be better served with a fresh approach and a new voice from the grass roots every 8 years?  If a President serves for 8 years, how many times are we happy to see him move on?  I propose no term of elected office should be longer than 8 years.  That would mean a Minnesota House of Representative seat would last no longer than four 2-year terms, and two 4-year terms in the Senate.  We would move toward replacing our elected officials entirely every 8 years. Wouldn't that make elected officials more responsible to us?  I make this pledge myself now that I will abide by the term limits I will propose to the Minnesota Legislature if I win this District's vote of confidence.  Government was intended to serve the people; it exists to serve us."

Info from Al Hein's Website.

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