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Jeanne Poppe (DFL)

Jeanne Poppe is your representative for Minnesota House of Representatives 27B.  Jeanne cares about her district and would like to hear your thoughts and concerns.


Family farms are what keeps food on the table, and we must do what we can to support our ag-based economy.  Too often we take farms for granted, and too often we think short-changing our farmers is acceptable. 

We depend on the strength of our regional farms and should expect farmers to be good stewards of the land. We will need healthy dialogue and inclusive decision making to find the right balance between economic needs and environmental health.

Our population isn't growing as fast as it is in urban areas.  Ultimately, rural Minnesota will have less representation at the Capitol.  Minnesota needs to remember that what is good for rural Minnesota is best for Minnesota as a whole.  I am a strong advocate for the rural point of view, and I work hard to ensure our needs are not overlooked.


Minnesota is constitutionally bound to provide a thorough and efficient system of public schools.   All of Minnesota's children deserve a good educational opportunity.  Our rural economy and growth depends on keeping our young people in the region.  Let's support them and encourage their return, should they leave.

Higher education costs are rising rapidly and families are finding it too difficult to send kids to college.  It is in our best interest to make sure college is a viable option to all interested students.  Whether it be to learn a skill or begin the journey toward a professional career, getting advanced education makes financial sense for the students and our state.


When it all comes down to the most critical issue – our economy rates number one.  Having an educated workforce, helping entrepreneurs grow their business, and keeping costs down for small-business owners are all important strategies to boost our economy. Government should not stifle job growth with over-regulation.

Minnesotans need to be able to find work in order to sustain their families.  Job growth in rural Minnesota requires advancement of new and emerging technology like bio-science and alternative energy.  Keeping our schools strong, our health care facilities nearby, and our transportation infrastructure safe will aid our rural economy.


We must balance our need for agricultural prosperity and growth with our desire to protect our environment. We need to preserve our clean water by carefully disposing waste.  We should expect our children's children to inherit the same, beautiful Minnesota we have today. Our region is ripe for alternative fuel and energy resource development. 

We should continue to encourage the use of alternative sources of energy, and be creative as we solve our energy problems.   More jobs can be created in the green energy field, and we must use financial resources to encourage new strategies and initiatives.

Health care:

In our great state and country, health care should be affordable and accessible.  There are many avenues to address this issue.  Finding a sensible approach to keeping costs down and providing individuals and families access to primary care has to be one of the issues we tackle. Supporting public health initiatives and preventive care strategies must be on the list of things we do.

We each must be responsible for making good choices and personal decisions that positively impact our own health.  We should expect government to help keep costs affordable, care facilities accessible, and options available to provide our families and ourselves with good medical care.    We need businesses, health care providers, insurance companies, government and citizens to come together to solve the problem.

Tax Reform:

Supporting tax reform which leads to fair taxation will allow our rural region to prosper much like our suburban cousins.  We need property tax relief and to move away from dependency on local taxes to pay for our basic local government needs. 

Funding schools, keeping our roads safe, caring for our elderly and vulnerable,  are all roles we can expect government to play in our lives.  To have good government, we all need to play our part.

Info from Jeanne Poppe's Website.

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