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Shelley Madore (DFL)

Shelley Madore is running for Congress in Minnesota's Second Congressional District. Shelley served as a Minnesota State Representative from 2007-2009. During her tenure, she was recognized for her work in education, health care and transportation. She is 20-year community activist and volunteer in the areas of urban affairs, transportation and disability advocacy. Shelley and her two children have lived in Apple Valley for 20 years.


Shelley grew up on a small family farm in Connecticut. Growing up in a small town taught Shelley the importance of giving back to her community. As a longtime volunteer and community advocate, Shelley has made even a large suburb like Apple Valley feel like a small town to her.

Shelley and her young family moved to Apple Valley, Minnesota from Boston in 1991, on the heels of the Great Halloween Snowstorm. Impressed with the local Early Childhood and Family Education (ECFE) program, she quickly became a dedicated volunteer for that and many other important community interests. When both of her children were subsequently diagnosed with disabilities, Shelley incorporated disability advocacy into her already busy life. From volunteering with ARC Greater Twin Cities and the local school district to provide networking and resources to families like hers to self-publishing a newsletter to support families with special needs children, Shelley has always rolled up her sleeves and stepped up to help.

Journey to Public Service

As her advocacy work grew, Shelley became involved in the political issues surrounding special needs families. As an advocate, Shelley often went to St. Paul to testify or support bills and legislators. For Shelley, this was more than a lobbying opportunity, it allowed her to better understand the complicated process of passing bills.

One day Shelley heard a state representative on the radio, justifying his position to cut money from a program to assist children with special needs by saying their families should just budget better for uncovered expenses, like he did to cover sports participation fees for his son. She jumped up and shouted, "Enough!" before driving to the State Capitol and summoning the legislator off the voting floor. The man was unmoved by her story of struggle, mentioned that she wasn't his constituent because she didn't live in his district, and went back to his seat. Shelley told that man she would be back to change things, and the next year she ran for State Representative in District 37A, Apple Valley.

When she won the seat in 2006, the first Democrat in 30 years to be elected in that district, Shelley voted for many bills that helped improve the lives of her own constituents and, by extension, all Minnesotans. From transportation to the environment and from clean air to healthcare, Shelley is well versed on local and U.S. government policy. She is a devoted public servant who does not waffle on controversial issues but stands up for what she believes in. Shelley fights, not for the elite and their special interest groups but for average people who just want to provide opportunity and economic security for their families.

As a state representative, Shelley led a delegation of legislators on a statewide tour to highlight health care disparities. This tour was touted by many organizations as a first in the health care discussion happening here in Minnesota today. Rep. Madore was the first legislator to chair a Disabilities Working Group that focused on topics of transportation, housing, educational services, jobs and protection of vunerable adults. She also authored the first major piece of legislation to strengthen our state's guardian and trust regulations.

Shelley's personal story has been reported by many media outlets and continues to be a driving force in her passion for public service.

Info from Shelley Madore's Website.

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