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Jerry Roth (DFL)

The key issues affecting residents of 28A that will help build a strong job market and well trained job force are:

  1. Jobs – Create jobs: living wage jobs & green jobs that last
  2. Transportation – Maintain roads and bridges; expand rail options
  3. Budget – Increase taxes for those making over $250,000 a year; eliminate wasteful spending
  4. Healthcare – Treat as a right of every citizen; not job-based
  5. Environment – Protect and preserve the Earth for future generations
  6. Seniors – Respect their contributions and ensure their access to necessary services
  7. Labor – Be a voice for workers' issues at the Capitol
  8. Education – Ensure our children have access to quality schools
  9. Veterans – Honor their sacrifices: ensure their access to necessary services

Info from Jerry Roth's Website.

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