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Carla Nelson (Republican)

Dear Neighbor,

My name is Carla Nelson and I would like to be your next State Senator. Our state faces the worst budget shortfall in history. Unfortunately, at a time when leadership is needed most, all we see is partisan bickering. We need leaders with the courage and conviction to make the tough choices necessary for prosperity and economic opportunity.

I served in the MN House during a similar budget deficit. I had the courage to make those tough but necessary choices. Choices like balancing the budget without raising taxes, improving the state's job friendliness, and reforming education.

I left the legislature in 2005 and have spent the last five years starting and running a successful small business. I sign the front of checks not just the back. I know what it is to make ends meet and to meet a payroll. I understand return on investment and I know government regulation firsthand.

I plan to bring common sense ideas straight from the people to the Minnesota Senate. Common sense things like, don't spend more than you have, serve those you represent, and provide real solutions for real problems.


Carla Nelson
State Senate Candidate for District 30

Info from Carla Nelson's Website.

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