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By Heidi Wigdahl

Elgin woman celebrates 110th birthday


ELGIN, Minn. (KTTC) -- Anna Stoehr's father baptized her the day she was born because she was not expected to live.

Little did they know she would live to be 110 and still going.

"You never expect anything like that and she didn't either," said Harlan Stoehr, Anna's eldest son.

Friends and family of Anna packed Trinity Lutheran Church's social hall to celebrate Anna's 110th birthday in Elgin, where Anna has lived since 1936.

A line went outside the, as people waited to shake her hand and wish her happy birthday.

"We told her when she was 105 that we'd do another one when she was 110 so we had to deliver on that," Harlan said.

She still lives alone in her own home, has never driven a car, and visits her daughter in the nursing home.

When we asked Harlan her secret he said, "She's always been really positive. She figures if it's not going as it quite might today then it'll probably be better tomorrow."

When asked how she feels at her age, she says, "Well, like I always have!"

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