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Gracious Giving at a local church


HAMMOND, Minn. (KTTC-DT) -- A small church in Hammond is making the best of a bad situation, by making the lives of others affected by the floods more bearable.

St. John's Lutheran Church may no longer be holding Sunday services, but they're still offering their services. The small 80-person congregation has decided to allow the Wabasha County Disaster Team to set up camp in the recently flooded church. Currently, the emergency teams are stationed in tents.

Just this past week, the church was gutted and now finishing touches are being done for the command center to open its doors. A volunteer told us the facility will be used for many things.

"They grab some T-shirts, but they're going to need sweatshirts and boots and that, hopefully we'll be able to get some clothing down here for them. Also, we're going to have washer and dryer and bathrooms set up," said Quintin Wilhelmson.

Members at St. John's have been attending Sunday services at their sister congregation Emmanual Lutheran, in Potsdam.

At this point it's unknown when the church in Hammond will re-open for worship.

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