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Only a Moment to Spare


JARRETT, Minn. (KTTC-DT) -- Since the floods, we've heard numerous stories of inspiration. These stories have all involved communities coming together to donate to those in need as well as courageous stories of being rescued.

Our latest story takes us to a senior citizens home in the flood ravaged community of Jarrett.

Seventy some year-old Vera Schones was safely out of the rising Zumbro River's way, but her son's 3 mules and horse were in the path of destruction. They needed to be rescued before flood waters swept them away.

Nearly two weeks after the Zumbro River trampled everything in its path ... this is what it looks like. As undisturbed as it appears, the road that parallels it, is otherwise. I ventured down the bumpy path, to meet Vera's family.

"She's lived here for 53-years, to lose all of that, how would a person feel," said her son-in-law Ranui Salgy.

Besides a handful of items in her garage, everything in the house was a total loss. Now, all that's left is debris.

"Well you know the town of Hammond, I'm thinking a lot of this stuff came from there in the flood. We've got different groups in here cleaning and this is what you end up with," said Salgy.

A mess, littering every inch of her yard. This isn't just a tale of woe though, it's a story of inspiration. Vera's son's animals were nearly swept away in the high waters, saved in the nick of time.

"He carried the canoe over the top of the hill and came down to here. The water was about 3 feet, so he canoed in here and cut the fence so the animals could get out," described Salgy.

The animals refused to budge. Her son tied up his canoe and prayed for everyone to survive, with a miracle they were all able to get safely out of the flood waters.

Salgy said that the horse was suffering from hypothermia after being helped out of the water by a passerby.

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