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Lending a Helping Hand


HAMMOND, MINN. (KTTC-DT)  Just over a week ago, floods ripped through parts of southeastern Minnesota. Now victims are left picking up the pieces of their life, but not without a lending hand.

It's nothing new, debris is still scattered along the streets of Hammond and now it even covers the length of an entire city block. Last Saturday, residents weren't even allowed into the city. If you fast forward a week, the small community is bustling with folks who are all eager to help those devastated by the floods.

Colleen Snyder, a flood victim, said that without volunteers, she wouldn't know what way to turn. "I would be sitting down with my head between my hands, just shaking. Shaking my head, wondering where do I start, what do I do," said Snyder.

Cassie Seebart is just one of about 30 student volunteers from Luther college in Decorah, Iowa who spent their day volunteering in Hammond. Seebart said she couldn't believe how much work is involved with clean-up efforts after a flood.

"It's difficult coming in when you see how much is gone and how its just changed in one instant. It really makes you want to work hard. It makes you want to try hard so that these people can move on as fast as possible," said Seebart.

The Snyders told us their house was not a complete loss.They do still have electricity on their second floor and a working toilet, which has become a hot commodity in the small community.


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