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By Aubrey Helms

DNR cleans up Zumbro River


ZUMBRO FALLS, Minn. (KTTC-DT) -- "That's just one of the many hazards," says Tyler Quandt, Minnesota Conservation Officer.

The Department of Natural Resources is lending a hand as conservation officers took to the river to increase safety in the area.

Quandt says, "Basically today we're looking for hazardous materials that might cause other river users to have problems or be dangerous for them. Things like propane tanks, cars that might be moving or floating, diesel fuel tanks."

A week ago, Zumbro River knew no boundaries as intense flooding took over southeastern Minnesota.

Quandt goes on, "Things can go from very mild to very, very dangerous very quickly with water because of the different currents. The biggest thing with water is we never know what's underneath it. And this time of year, water is starting to get cold and that cools our bodies off quicker. The longer we're in it, the quicker we can succumb to hypothermia."

But now, the river's levels are returning to normal, despite the current remaining strong.

Quandt says, "Almost anything that you can imagine that was along the river before the flood is going to be washed up at some point throughout the banks of the river along here."

A clean-up after a flood is not an easy task.

Quandt says, "Because of the amount of debris washed up, it's going to take years to get it all cleaned up."

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