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Take a bite out of this record - a 200+ pound watermelon?

ROCHESTER, MN (KTTC-DT) --It's nearly October, and that means the growing season is almost over. And if you think you've managed to grow some outstanding sized produce this year, you may rethink that after you meet one Rochester resident.

James White of Rochester has been growing giant watermelons for many years. He took up the hobby after seeing one over a hundred pounds.

Over the years, his growing skills grew, and so did his watermelons. Each year from 2002 to 2005, he set a new Minnesota record watermelon weight, and in 2006 he set his personal best and the new state record: a whopping 225 pounds.

Growing watermelons in Minnesota is tough - they need a long growing season, so the biggest ones are typically found in the southern states. But James loves the challenge, and sends his seeds all over the world to people requesting them. In return, he usually gets a variety of seeds for plants from all over the world.

It's no surprise James has some dandy watermelons growing again this year.

James White says, "I think this one here has a good chance - we tape it in different ways and we have estimation tables. But this one I think will clear 200 pounds."

And watermelon eaters rejoice - yes, you can eat these giant melons! You can probably also believe that James can feed a crowd with only one of these.

James has six giant watermelons this year, two of which are close to the 200 pound mark.

James will find out just how much his watermelons weigh this upcoming weekend at a weigh off contest in Nekoosa, Wisconsin. There's another one he'll attend in Stillwater. Hopefully it weighs in to what he expected. If he doesn't win? There'll still be plenty of yummy watermelon to win over the crowd.

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