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Farmers start harvesting after last week's heavy rain


BYRON, Minn. (KTTC-DT) -- It was less than a week ago that farm fields were flooded and standing full of water. According to Larry Mulert, with Greenway Co-op in Byron, the fields dried off fast and farmers started harvesting Monday evening.

"In this area we had a fair amount of rain, maybe not as much in some spots, but overall the farmers are fairing pretty well. The waters drained away and some of them are getting across bean fields now and probably will be starting some corn also with the weather straightening out," said Mulert.

After receiving 6 to 8 inches of rain in the Rochester area, farmers weren't expecting to be out in the fields so soon. Mulert estimated that only about 10-percent of farmers were out in the field on Tuesday. Mike Brooks was one of those farmers.

"It's going really well. I can't believe how firm the ground is and how dry the beans have gotten," said Brooks.

Brooks told us that so far he had been able to get thru all of the wet spots in his fields. However, other farmers we spoke with who, told us they were having to combine around puddles.

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture is urging farmers with flood damage to take advantage of assistance programs.




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