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Oronoco devastation


ORONOCO, Minn. (KTTC-DT) -- The Zumbro River's high levels may be decreasing in Oronoco but major parts of the community are still greatly affected.

Since Thursday night the embankment on the north side of the Minnesota Avenue Bridge has been completely washed away, making it impossible to cross.

When we visited Oronoco early this afternoon Olmsted county authorities were moving the barricades back even further as the weakened bridge had collapsed another 10 feet.

At this point the city is focusing on recovery efforts.

Jim Schueller, Olmsted County Sheriff's Office, says, "American Red Cross probably got on scene about an hour and a half ago and they're starting to coordinate more efforts, volunteers, supplies, and stuff like that. They're working with the Byron First Responders and Fire Department and working out of the fire hall to coordinate that kind of thing to get clean-up going."

Authorities say they're no longer as concerned about the integrity of the dam along the Zumbro River as they once were because the river's levels are now receding.

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