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One week until school



The Rochester public school district gets back into full swing a week from Tuesday.

Before the first day teachers spend hours preparing to welcome their new students into the classroom.

There's also decorating and at least for a first grade classroom, it's no easy task.

There's mailboxes, name tags, calendars, and more. All of which must be ready to go.

Bamber Valley 1st grade teacher, Julie Walz says, "It's a lot! I've been working on my room for probably three weeks."

As summer quickly comes to an end and kids prepare to head back, this district is buzzing with energy and excitement.

For Walz's first graders, much of that excitement will come from all the new experiences they're in for.

She says, "It's the first time they'll get to experience recess, the lunch room, and special rotations so it's exciting for them."

Elementary students and teachers are also preparing for Wednesday's "Meet the Teacher Day."

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