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Sonia Talati

Let's talk about RACE

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- Dr. Yolanda T. Moses was in town to talk about just how to talk about how to open up when it comes to race. The Race Exhibit came to Rochester after the Smithsonian and other museums said it was too controversial for them. The goal, to get people talking about...race. Dr. Yolanda Moses said, "It's the 2000 pound elephant that sits on the table and nobody wants to talk about. We are providing everybody a means to join the conversation."

According to Dr. Moses, our country needs to talk. "We are the most diverse country in the world. And if we can't talk about our diversity, it doesn't seem to be the strong democracy we can be."

The RACE Exhibit has been extended to stay open at the Rochester Public Library until September 11th.

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