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Sonia Talati

Statewide Open House for home buyers


ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- Realtors all across the state have coordinated a Statewide Open House in an effort to raise public awareness. In Rochester, over 400 houses were open to the public to view. The housing market was picking up speed earlier this year, but took a slight slump this summer, partly because the First-time Home buyer's Initiative ended in April.

In an effort to pick things up again, Minnesotan realtors have gone the extra mile. Home sales had dropped from 34-hundred to 2-thousand. With the First-time Home buyer's Tax Credit ending on April 30th, people who would have bought now, bought then.

The results? We now have the lowest loan rate in 40th year. The Statewide Open House is to give an extra push to those who may be looking to buy a home this fall.



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