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By Chris Conte

Renters homeless because of delinquent landlord


ROCHESTER (KTTC-DT)-- Nearly 20 people in a southwest Rochester apartment complex are being forced out onto the street because their landlord hasn't paid the water bill, and city officials say it's a growing problem they have little control over.

"It's just ridiculous," says Kimberly Dickens who rents one the apartments in the 4-plex.

Even though Dickens has been paying her landlord $500 a month in rent that's suppose to cover the water bill, her landlord, Betty Stoflet hasn't paid the bill and the water was shut off.

"The issues are getting ridiculous, it's her responsibility to take care of these things," Dickens adds.

Because there's no running water, the city was forced to condemn the complex Monday afternoon, putting nearly 25 people out on the street.

"This particular owner of the property were just at, they are in court every two years," says Susan LeGare-Gulden, Manager of Housing Inspection Services for the city of Rochester.

"There are people who are property owners who should not be landlords, absolutely not," LeGare-Gulden adds.

Even though Stoflet has been fined multiple times, as it stands right now, the city can't deny her a rental license.

The NewsCenter tried contacting Stoflet multiple times about the problem but her number was disconnected.

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