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Sonia Talati

Teen killed by flying masonry

OWATONNA, Minn. (KTTC) -- A landscaping block flies off a trailer and smashes through the windshield of a vehicle traveling near-by, killing the passenger.  

That landscaping block came at the vehicle so quickly, authorities say it killed the passenger instantly.

Authorities got the tragic phone call around 4:14 yesterday afternoon. It happened on Highway 14, about six miles west of Owatonna at Andrew's Corner.

17-year-old Steven Batt was riding in the front, passenger side of a Dodge Caravan, heading west... on his way from seeing his mother to get the house keys he had forgotten. And going east, a truck with a trailer attached to it was carrying cement masonry. One of the pieces flew off the truck, went through the windshield, struck the boy's head, and continued through the rear window.

Authorities say the block was not strapped properly to the trailer.

A friend of the victim says they are planning a memorial for 17-year-old Steven Batt.


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