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Terry Throndson - School Board Director 5 (ISD #535)

My name is Terry Throndson and I am running for Seat 5 on the Rochester School Board. I am a life long resident and graduated from John Marshall High School in 1970. I enlisted in the US Navy in 1971 and serve four years. I attended advance fire fighting, nuclear, biological and chemical and leadership schools. I am a Vietnam War Veteran. I received awards and letters of accommodations for my service.  I came home and started my own business, Throndson Oil & LP Gas Company. My business continues today 32 years later.

I have driven school bus for over 7 years. Been a  Junior Achievement Consultant for 12 years teaching at Willow Creek, Kellogg and Friedell Middle Schools. I continue to teach Patriotism at Pine Island, Byron, Rochester Schools and churches

I have been involved greatly in the community. In 2007 I was awarded the Rochester Mayor's Gold Medal Award for Community involvement. I am member of the Rochester Business Group. I am a Trustee and BOD member of the Soldier Field Veterans Memorial, BOD member of SE. MN. Honor Flight, and Chairman for Support Our Troops. Past BOD of Mn. Petroleum Marketers and MN. Patriot Guard Riders. I am a MN Patriot Guard and Wounded Warrior rider supporting our Veterans and their Families. A member of the "Beyond the Yellow Ribbon" committee.  Working with and helping Blue and Gold Star families. A supporter and sponsor for the Ronald McDonald House, Tee it up for the Troops and Ironwood Christian Ranch. 

I am running for Rochester School Board to get our school district back to the basics of education.  I have been a student of the ivory league and prestigious School of Hard Knocks. Here you not only pay for your education, but also for your mistakes. You learn  your errors and success's quickly. I have attended various technical and business schools to earn my business licenses and various permits. I attend seminars to keep up to date with technology.

I built my business from my boot straps up. I have built my customer base from being honest, fair,  educating my customers, to select quality products and employees. I have good communications skills. I know how to budget and manage a budget. Not afraid to ask for ideas/advice from customers and employees.  I do not know everything, but know enough to know when and where to ask for those who would be knowledgeable to help find the answers. I know how to make tough decisions. I am open minded and collaborative.

The present school board has been disappointing and dysfunctional for our schools, staff and community. Their lack of team effort, effectively managing school operations, communications with staff and community, responsibilities to its duties, policies and giving leadership to the school district as a whole has hurt this school district in trust, school budget, staff morale and loss student enrollment. Not everything can be blamed or put on the school board or district. The achievement gap remains. We need home and community involvement with positive influences and role models as well as from our schools staff. Have parents provide a good home environment that consists of good values, morals and work ethics. We need to keep our schools disciplined and structured. Rules, regulations and laws apply to everyone.

I feel that my 32 years as a business owner, managing money, employees and customers with good business ethics along with a strong voice and leadership skills will move our school district in the right direction.

VOTE THRONDSON for a Better Direction, bringing back community respect, trust and beneficial education to our schools.

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