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Julia Workman - School Board Director 4 (ISD #535)

I earned a Bachelor of Music Education degree from Indiana University and have graduate credits in music education with a focus in String Pedagogy from the University of Wisconsin.   My husband and I have raised our three sons in Rochester, and all have graduated from Mayo High School.  I have demonstrated integrity, excellence, persistence, and passion in my 36 year teaching career and I am very well versed in the history and issues of RPS. My experience will bring an important perspective to the board and the community. 

I will approach making budget cuts carefully, thoughtfully and transparently, and will seek and seriously consider input from stakeholders before making decisions. All pet projects must be on the table; everything must be examined because programs are unsustainable with the current revenue. .  We must actively tap the wealth of experience, creativity and "best practices" from consistently successful teachers.  A "one size fits all" approach does not work, and we cannot afford to spend any more money on outside "consultants" and canned solutions.

It's Time To ACT!  Accountability, communication and transparency are essential to change. I have the experience of working with diverse groups of students, families and colleagues throughout my teaching career.  I have demonstrated on a daily basis accountability, communication and transparency, and have the analytical ability to define and solve problems. I have high expectations for all those involved in the education of our youth: board, superintendent, administrators, support personnel, parents and students.  When we all ACT together, the future of our youth will be bright.

Website:  http://julieworkman.org

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