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Note from doctor written minutes before crash



It's been more than 72 hours since the medical plane flying from Alma, Michigan to Rochester crashing into Lake Michigan.

Four of the passengers are still missing. Authorities have recovered an item giving a glimpse of what happened during their last moments.

Rescue efforts may have turned into recovery efforts, but the families of the victims aboard the small Cessna 206 plane now have words to hold onto.

It's a real life message in a bottle, or in this case, medical bag.

Amid some of the wreckage, a waterproof medical bag was found, and inside, a note from one of the passengers aboard, Dr. Jim Hall.

It's more than likely his last thoughts as the plane headed quickly for Lake Michigan.

The note reads, "10 a.m. Dear all. We love you. We lost power over mid lake Mich. and turning back. We are praying to God that all will taken care of. We love you, Jim."

It's no secret that doctors rarely score high on penmanship, and according to the Detroit Free Press, authorities could barely read his scribbles.

But Hall's wife, Ann, had no trouble reading the note her husband of 45 years left behind. It's a note Ann says isn't just for her, but clearly for anyone who loved and cared for those on the plane that day.

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