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Joe Fricke (DFL) - State Senator District 28

When I was two weeks old, my family moved to Red Wing, MN, and I have called it home ever since.  Growing up, my involvement with United Lutheran Church, community theater, youth athletics, student council, and community festivals not only showed me what a remarkable community I belonged to, but instilled in me an earnest desire to serve and participate in it.
Throughout my higher education, I was able to spend my summers in public service in Red Wing, and doing meaningful work in the community I loved so much was truly the highlight of every year.
When Senator Steve Murphy announced his retirement in January, I realized that in his vacated seat there was an incredible opportunity for me to use my legal education to serve my community in a new, even greater way.  Since then, conversations with friends, family, mentors, and party leaders have convinced me that this office is an ideal fit for me; a few have even referred to it as my "calling."
In the coming months, I'll be traveling throughout the district, discussing the concerns of citizens and assuring them that they can trust me to address those concerns in St. Paul.
Next year, the legislature will have a big hill to climb.  Years of short-sighted politics have left Minnesotans with a government that spends beyond its means, and makes up the difference by borrowing from future generations. As someone who will be paying for this mismanagement for many decades, I say it's time for a change in course.
Help send a new perspective to St. Paul! Together we can make a Minnesota that thrives sustainably, not just for a few right now, but for all of us (and those who come after us) for years to come.

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