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Chris Barden (Republican) - Attorney General

Dear Fellow Citizens,

I am deeply grateful to have grown up in the great state of Minnesota! My wife, Robin, and I love raising our four children in this very special part of the world.

Long ago, my ancestors fought in the Revolutionary War and my family has cherished this legacy of liberty. As a private citizen, I have become increasingly concerned for the future of our great state and for the United States, the greatest, most exceptional nation in the history of the world. Our nation was founded in liberty and is rooted in the Constitution. I am concerned that our current governments — both state and federal — have acted in a way that is not consistent with the will of the people and the rule of law.

Our state and nation are increasingly in peril under staggering burdens of government debt and massive increases in government control of our economic and private lives. These unwise transformations of our country threaten the free enterprise system that made America the strongest and most prosperous nation in history.

As in the days of the American Revolution, the present crisis demands that private citizens enter the arena and work to preserve our liberty and our way of life as free people who believe in fiscal responsibility, personal responsibility, free enterprise, and sensible government.

Our current Attorney General has refused to defend the constitutional independence of our state, she has refused to defend the integrity of our election process, and she has refused to protect our Minnesota economy and jobs. After 40 years of continuous control by one party, the Office of the Attorney General is stagnant and in need of reform. With your support, I am prepared to reform, improve, and re-energize the Office of the Attorney General, making it a model for the nation.

Let us work together to take back our government, restore the primacy of the Constitution, and secure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and for our children and grandchildren. Let us then move forward — together — towards the brighter and more stable future that our children will surely enjoy — if, and only if, we do our duty today.

I ask for your support to achieve these noble goals. My promise to you is that I WILL defend the liberty of all the citizens of the great state of Minnesota, as well as defend the Constitutions of both Minnesota and the United States of America.

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