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Dan "Doc" Severson (Republican) - Secretary of State


A Message from Rep. Dan Severson

The election process is fundamental to our republic. If the election process is broken, the people lose the ability to change their government to respond to their voice. The voting system is the method to reflect the voice of the people.

I am running for Secretary of State because Minnesota has created a system that is unworkable and unaccountable. It's time for reform.

I have served 21 years as a Naval fighter pilot defending our freedoms against all enemies foreign and domestic¬Ě, and have been in the Minnesota Legislature for seven years; it has been my honor and privilege to serve our country and the people of Minnesota and District 14A. The problem of unaccountable elections is so important to our government and the validity of the voice of the people that I am stepping forward to take on these wrongs and fight to restore the integrity and confidence in our voting system the people of Minnesota can once again believe in. The stakes for our freedom have never been higher. Will we demand integrity in our elections or succumb to powerful special interests that put party and politics above personal freedom? Join me and together we can change the course of Minnesota's elections to be accountable to the people once more.

Thank you.

Dan Severson

Information from: http://www.danseverson.com/


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