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Mark Dayton

I am running for Governor, because Minnesota is in crisis. We can, and we must, do better. If I'm Governor, we will. That is my campaign's theme: A Better Minnesota.

Our state used to lead the nation in job creation. After 19 years of failed leadership, Minnesota is now one of the poorest states in employment growth. Today over 230,000 Minnesotans are out of work.

Minnesota used to have the best educational systems in the world. Now our public schools are underfunded, their classrooms are overcrowded, and college tuitions are increasingly unaffordable.

Over 400,000 of our citizens have no health insurance. 140,000 children are living in poverty. All of that is terribly wrong.

We can, and we must, do better. As Governor, I will make our state's taxes progressive again, so that the wealthiest Minnesotans pay their fair share. If they did, they would provide an additional $3.8 BILLION of revenues in the next biennium.

With those revenues, I will provide our dedicated public school teachers with the resources they need to give all of our children the best possible educations. Their future success will be Minnesota's success.

I will make our colleges and universities affordable again for the sons and daughters of hard-working Minnesotans. They deserve to complete their educations at home and without having to go many thousands of dollars into debt.

I will lead the way to single-payer health care, by eliminating the profiteering of health insurance companies, and putting every dollar into quality care for all Minnesotans. I will put my Lt. Governor in charge of state government's senior citizens services, to be more responsive to their needs.

I will create new jobs with a state stimulus package, new highway and mass transit projects, and innovative economic growth initiatives. Then, with world-class education systems, modern transportation networks, and sound infrastructure, I will position Minnesota for long-term economic growth.

This year's election will be crucial. It will decide the future direction of our state for ourselves, for our children and grandchildren, and for future generations. It's up to us to do better!

There are no easy answers to the difficult problems we face. There are, however, right and wrong answers. There are better and worse answers.

I offer the strong and experienced leadership that Minnesota needs for these tough times. I have served you for many years, as Commissioner of Economic Development, Commissioner of Energy and Economic Development, State Auditor, and United States Senator. I know our state far better than any other candidate. I know how it can work; and, if I'm Governor, how it will work.

I ask you for your support. In return, if you elect me your Governor, I promise that I'll make our state: A Better Minnesota!

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