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By Chris Conte

Local BP stations keep distance from spill


SPRING VALLEY (KTTC-DT)-- BP officials said Thursday afternoon that they have temporarily capped the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Still though, the President and company officials warn it's too early to celebrate.

"It's finally an end to the ground hog day of waking up and it being the same and oil still spilling," said one Gulf Coast resident.

BP is still waiting on a more permanent solution, two relief wells that won't be done for weeks.

"We have to manage our expectations, it's possible if the pressures are low that we'll have to reinitiate the flow and capture it," said Doug Suttles, BP Chief Operating Officer.

The fight's still not over for BP, the oil giant's reputation now permanently stained by this disaster.

"It's been heartbreaking to see what's happened to the people and the animals there," said John McGee who was filling up at a BP in Spring Valley Thursday.

Tom and Sue Fowler, the owners of that BP in Spring Valley, took out an ad in the local paper, trying to distance themselves from the oil spill in the Gulf, after a decline in business following the spill.

But, says Sue Fowler, not distance themselves from the BP brand.

"We get all of our gas from BP, from the terminal just east of town," Fowler told us Friday morning.  "We feel it's a quality brand and a quality product, because of the additives." 

And some customers are showing their loyalty and support for the station owners.

"We're stopping at a BP gas station, because the owners are the ones that suffer if we don't stop here," McGee noted.

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