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By Chris Conte

Storms topple tractor trailer, damage Northfield home


NORTHFIELD (KTTC-DT)-- A possible tornado tipped over a tractor trailer truck and caused substantial damage to a home in Northfield Wednesday afternoon.The driver of that truck, Joe Newman was not injured when it rolled over on County Road 3 just after 3p.m. Wednesday afternoon.

"I was going down the road and I saw the debris coming from the farm house and I slammed on the breaks," Newman said.

Newman had just dropped off a trailer full of animal feed, but when the winds came whipping through he was right in the way.

"It was just crazy to watch that happen," Newman recalls.

The veteran truck driver managed to climb inside his sleeper cabin and hide under a mattress, seconds later wind gusts toppled the truck with Newman inside.

"I probably sat in there for 20 or 30 seconds before I rolled down the passenger side window and climbed out," said Wednesday afternoon.

Less than 100 yards away, those same winds ripped of parts of James Pasch's roof and tore apart pieces of his garage.

"It took my shed, sucked it up over the top and took the shingles off my house and the end of the garage," Pasch said.

Neighbors were helping the Pasch's drag debris out of nearby fields and start repairs on the home they've lived in since 1988. Pasch's wife, Suzie was home at the time, she managed to take shelter in their basement

"It was kind of scary, after she looked outside she says the garage is gone," he said.

Officials say no one was injured and are unsure if Wednesday's damaged was caused by a tornado or straight line winds.

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