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Diver finds lost engagement ring in lake

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) -- A Minneapolis teacher was crushed when her brand new Tiffany engagement ring fell into Lake Minnetonka. A treasure hunter came to her rescue.

Adam Segar and Sara Stocco got engaged last month. KSTP-TV reports they were out boating on Lake Minnetonka recently when she took off the $7,000 ring to keep it from getting dirty as she applied sunscreen on Segar.

Stocco put the ring in her mouth, but it bounced out, hit the floor of the boat, and bounced into the water.

Word of the loss spread to Denny Geffre, who's been hunting treasures in lakes for 40 years. After three days of searching with scuba gear and a metal detector, he found the ring buried in three inches of sand. Stocco and Adam gave him a $750 reward.

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