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By Fanna Haile-Selassie

Hidden camera campground bathroom


Kendallville, MN (KTTC-DT) --

Disturbing news from a north Iowa campground tonight. The host is arrested for secretly videotaping inside the women's bathroom. Now the man is facing numerous charges.

69-year-old Leslie Peterson is now facing 31 misdemeanor counts of invasion of privacy and nudity. That's after some female campers found a camera in their shower stall. Now many are asking how this man, who they thought they knew, could do this.

Most people have a sense of privacy when they head into the shower. After this weekend, some campers at Kendallville campground may think twice about that after Winneshiek deputies arrested the host for secretly videotaping in the women's shower.

"It was more concerning when I knew how many of the younger girls were in there. And those are the ones, I think, it scars them a little bit and hard for them to get past it," says camper Deb Bohlen.

Female witnesses say they noticed a small camera right next to this window, looking down on the shower stalls. Now deputies say that camera could have been there since 2007.

"At first I thought, no way... not this guy," exclaims camper Dan Mast. "Because we knew the guy from when he first started. I mean, he would come to our picnic table and sit down and visit with us. We trusted the guy."

Deputies arrested 69-year-old Leslie Peterson on Saturday after campers called about a camera in the shower stall. So far in the investigation, they say there are no photographs or recordings of the women because everything was viewed in real time.

"I did go in there and it was the shower that had the camera on it. And at first, it was like, that's a little bit disgusting to me, but I think I was more worried about the younger kids," says Bohlen.

"They were seriously upset. There were guys that wanted to go take care of him, you know. It's like me, I have three daughters and a wife that go in there and take showers and you don't want anyone spying on them, you know. It's just wrong for their privacy," explains Mast.

Bohlen says this is a lesson learned when taking showers at campgrounds. Now, she'll always give the bathrooms a quick check for cameras.

Those who I spoke with today say they would go back to the Kendallville campground, now that the situation is taken care of. They realize something like this could happen anywhere.

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