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By Chris Conte

New tattoo and piercing laws in Minn.


ROCHESTER (KTTC-DT)-- It is now illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to get a tattoo in Minnesota. These new guidelines went into effect Thursday and also make it mandatory that anyone under 18 have a parent or guardian present when getting a piercing.

"I don't think it's gonna stop young people from getting tattoos or piercing's or anything else," says tattoo artist Fred Flash.

Flash works out of a shop in Rochester, he's concerned minors will now be turning to less safe and uncertified operations run out of people's homes.

"If I bought a whole bunch of dental equipment and gave you a heck of a good deal, would you wanna stop over and I'll work on your teeth?" Flash noted.

Beginning January 1st of 2011, artists must be licensed by the state and minors can only get piercing's if a parent or guardian is with them.

"It is something that you're stuck with so you need to think about it first," says Brittany Kleinwort who was getting a tattoo Thursday.

Still though Flash believes kids will find a way of getting around the new law.

"Has it stopped kids from getting cigarettes or drugs or alcohol or anything else? No," he notes.

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