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By Chris Conte

Blooming Prairie woman recalls tornado


BLOOMING PRAIRIE (KTTC-DT)-- A Blooming Prairie woman who was trapped beneath her house after a tornado tore it apart says she thought she was going to die.

"I knew that it was time, every sense told me it's time Judi," Judi Kollar says when recalling June 17th, 2010.

Judi saw the twister making it's way across a nearby field and knew there wasn't much she could, so she laid down in her living room, hands over her head, dogs by her side and waited.

"And then it hit and I heard my house being ripped off the foundation and I was so angry, I was so mad at that house," the 64-year-old says.

Crushed under house, gas leaking nearby, rescuers knew where Judi was, but couldn't get to her because of downed power lines and debris.

"I just kept waving my arms," she says.

Eventually, police officers from Blooming Prairie spotted her hand waving beneath the rubble and pulled her to safety. On Tuesday afternoon, she got a chance to meet one of the men who helped save her life.

"It was bad, I mean not many people survive when their houses are completely devastated like that," says officer Jacob Peterson of the Blooming Prairie police department.

Officer Peterson is still stunned at how well she is doing.

"I saw this hand come up above some siding and I thought it was material in the wind, then I looked again and I said to my sergeant 'we have a survivor!'"Peterson recalls.

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