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Three rounds of storms, more cleaning up


ALBERT LEA, MN (KTTC-DT) -- Severe weather has been relentless the past two weeks. And more struck again over the weekend, leaving more people tending to the clean-up process.

Residents are also hoping that they can finally catch a break from our recent string of wicked weather.

For a Monday afternoon in summer, these residential Albert Lea streets are packed with people, and debris.

Steph says, "3 times in nearly 2 weeks. That's the number of times Albert Lea has been hit by severe weather, as recently as Saturday night, taking down trees and causing major property damage in some neighborhoods."

This time, the Shoreland Heights neighborhood was hit especially hard.

This giant tree at a park was uprooted: it smashed a picnic table before coming to rest on playground equipment.

In yards, trees were snapped in half like toothpicks, landing close or even on homes. That's what happened to this house.

Courtney Claassen says, "One of our neighbor's trees during the storm hit - one of their trees hit our tree and landed about right there, and smashed the gutter."

They weren't home at the time, coming home to find the damage.

Courtney Claassen says, "It's kinda scary because we never thought it would come toward us."

Marietta Stein says, "It's beyond words."

Further around the same street, Marietta Stein lost her porch roof in the destructive winds. She wasn't home at the time, but her husband was, and found out while on the phone with him.

Marietta Stein says, "And he just kind of took in his breath and said 'Oh my God, we have no roof left. I'm getting soaked'. And it was gone."

The roof ended up in her neighbors yard.

Marietta Stein says, "And Fred said, I don't even think it was a minute, and it was just like the woosh sound he heard."

While homeowners and utility crews worked to clear debris, power crews worked to restore power to the remaining few still without.

And after this string of severe weather, one can understand residents' uneasiness about future storms.

Marietta Stein says, "It's an eerie feeling, to think about it coming again."

Courtney Claassen says, "It's kind of nerve racking because you never know what's going to happen during the weather.

Everyone I talked with says that the response of city officials has been quick and outstanding, between restoring power and making sure residents are safe.

We talked with Alliant Energy and they said they were working to restore a few remaining customers without power; they hoped to be completed by Monday afternoon.

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