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By Chris Conte

Toddler survives being run over by lawn mower


ROCHESTER (KTTC-DT)-- A 22-month-old Iowa toddler is recovering from serious injuries after she was run over by a lawn tractor her father was driving.

"I keep thinking what could I have done differently, but I know I saved my little baby girl's life," says Ricky Howard.

Ricky was out with his kids last Friday on his family's 8-acre farm near Sumner, Iowa

"I was just riding around and hooked up the wagon like my grandpa use to do with us," he says.

Hooked up to the back of his John Deere garden tractor was a small trailer, three of his children were inside including 22-month-old Naveah.

"It ran, but it would always die," Howard says about the tractor.

Ricky says the old John Deere stalled a lot, when it happened this time he got out to try and fix the problem when something went terribly wrong.

"It jerked backward in reverse really hard," he recalls.

The next few minutes were a blur of horror and fatherly instinct.

"The tire went up over her head almost toward the middle of her back and then her hand slid up under the deck and that's when the blades kicked on," Howard said about the incident.

Those blades managed to cut off Naveah's right hand along with three fingers on her left hand.

"It's just hard watching her lay there," says her mom Christina Williams.

Doctors have managed to give the toddler a thumb on her left hand by reattaching her ring finger from the right.

Still in intensive care at St. Mary's, Naveah's parents know it will be a long road to recovery.

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