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UGLY Grill FINALIST - Hamilton - Elkton


We here in Elkton are a mostly quiet, unassuming bunch, without much in town to do. A few times a year we like to gather together and just celebrate US. What we lack is a Community Grill. When I suggested we turn an old John Deere lawn tractor body into a Community Grill, it was met with raised eyebrows, but I gave it a shot!

As you can see from the picture, it's not very effective for cooking anything but marshmallows and weeners, and it's not easily portable! We'd like to have a nice grill for our town get-togethers which can be moved from the City Hall to the park and back without injuring, or embarrassing, one and all!

Ron Hamilton
Elkton, Minnesota

You can vote for Ron below or by texting ELKTON to 82942

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