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By Fanna Haile-Selassie

Memorial Day ceremony


Many around the state and country are honoring those who've died in American wars. In Rochester, a stirring Memorial Day ceremony started today's holiday of reflection. While the components of the ceremony remain the same, it's the evoked emotions that are always brand new.

"Playing taps really comes, for me, within. Matter of fact, I know if you've ever noticed but I close my eyes when I play taps," explains veteran and burglar Gene Eiden.

"It never goes away. It's always going to be there. And so I try to put it out of my mind, but it's there every day," says Vietnam veteran Abel Subia.

The experience of war is deeply personal and not easily relatable. But it's ceremonies like these...

"The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here."

...and tributes like Soldier's field that help veterans and family members remember and grieve for their loved ones.

"I really appreciate it, because I come out here a lot and just, you know, think, say prayers," says Subia.

"Every year it's amazing. I think the crowd gets larger," explains Eiden.

Major James Frye gave the main address, asking people to never forget Memorial day and what it stands for.

"It started as Decoration Day after the Civil War."

"Another holiday and time for summer and that, but us veterans, we just remember all and people that are still, you know, that we've lost," explains Subia.

Those who died at sea were not forgotten, as the ceremony continued over Center Street Bridge by throwing three wreaths into the Zumbro River.

The color guard finishing up the day's honors with ways to always keep the memories fresh of those died to protect our country.

And the weather could not have been better for such an event.

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