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By Chris Conte

Graduates looking for jobs


ROCHESTER (KTTC-DT)-- With Minnesota's unemployment rate around 8.2 percent, college graduates are still finding it tough to find work. Thursday night, the RCTC class of 2010 received their diplomas but for a lot of students their futures are up in the air.

"I do feel very lucky, I love my job and I wouldn't work anywhere else," says Melissa Eversman who is graduating with an accounting job.

In the crowd, there were also people like Adam McDaniel who plans on continuing his education, hoping by the time he finishes the job market will have improved.

"Just the idea that maybe a four year degree would maybe give me a better chance to find something out there," said McDaniel.

There were also a lot of students who still haven't been able to find jobs.

"I've sent out about 100 applications," said one student.

College officials say the average age of an RCTC student is 27-years-old. Enrollment has gone up 7 percent in the last year, largely because Minnesota's unemployment rate is around 8.2 percent.

"Traditionally higher education always sees enrollment spike when the economy is not doing very well," says Dave Weber who works for the college.

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