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By Crystal Oko

Race exhibit opens Monday


ROCHESTER, MN (KTTC-DT) -- We are a country of many different backgrounds and races. The same is true here in Rochester.

An exhibit touring the country explores the idea of Race and will make it's home in Rochester for the next several months.

The Race exhibit will open it's doors to the Rochester community on Monday.

It begs the question "are we so different?"

On the second floor of the Rochester Public Library 5,000 square feet that once held books and magazines is now home to the "Race" exhibit.

"It really focuses on how we are more same than we are different. And that race is something that we've constructed. When you look at genetics and many different things we're really a lot more alike," said Audrey Betcher, Rochester Public Library.

Multi-media hands-on exhibits explore race through three lenses:

History, science and lived experience.

"People make a big deal because of the color of our skin," said Tweh.

Originally from Liberia, Mitchell Tweh hopes the exhibit will be the catalyst for an open dialouge about race.

"There's a lot of racist issues going on in Rochester but no body talks about it. They just keep their mouth closed. I think it needs to be talked about," said Mitchell Tweh.

Jaqueline Ramos, who considers herself Hispanic, says there are many hurtful stereotypes about her race out there.

"Think they just come up here to take their jobs," said Jaqueline Ramos.

Susan Schultz has lived in Rochester her whole life.

"I think the awareness for multi-culture is a good thing," said Susan Schultz.

She says it's important for her kids to learn about race.

And while the Race exhibit is not about changing beliefs. It's about letting you answer the question, "are we so different?" for yourself.

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