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By Crystal Oko

Pampers "Dry Max" problems


BYRON, MN (KTTC-DT) --Parents around the nation are uniting in the fight against a diaper company.

They say that company's new "Dry Max" diaper is causing horrible rashes.

Amber Strobel says it's been two weeks since they've stopped using their Pampers Dry Max diapers.

She says it's taken this long for her daughter, Emersyn's, rash to heal.

"We noticed improvement within 24 hours of changing brands of diapers, said Strobel. "Her blisters were gone within 24 hours."

Now she's speaking out, urging parents to think before they change their next diaper.

Amber Strobel says that just a couple of weeks ago changing her daughter's diaper was a difficult task.

"Pleading, no mommy, no, please when it was time to change her diaper. We couldn't see anything wrong," said Strobel.

Soon after her 2-year-old daughter Emersyn began to fuss about her diaper, she developed a rash. One that Strobel says was not your run of the mill diaper rash.

"When I was describing it to my mom it looked like someone had taken a vegetable peeler and skinned that area and that part had blistered," said Strobel.

After stumbling across a few articles online that told a similar story to her own. Strobel immediately switched her daughter's diapers to a different brand.

Two weeks later, Strobel says that the rash has gone away.

Strobel is not the only parent who is now blaming rashes, like these, on the new Pampers "Dry Max" diapers. In fact, one Facebook group has over 7,000 members, many of them sharing similar stories.

Pampers has responded to the accusations. Dr. Kimberly Thompson, an expert on Children's risk, said in a news release from Pampers that the Facebook group is... "using nonfactual and scary terms like 'chemical burns' that lead to emotional reactions, and based on a relatively small number of personal experiences and no scientific data."

But for Strobel and many other parents throughout the country who now have a baby suffering with a bad burn or rash, that response is not enough. They want answers.

"I've always been a Pampers supporter but not anymore," said Strobel.

She has filed a complaint with the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

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