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By Chris Conte

Eyota teen out of hospital after stroke


EYOTA (KTTC-DT)-- An Eyota teenager is finally home recovering, after spending 4 months in the hospital after he suffered a stroke. Only 6 out of every 100,000 thousand teenagers in the United States suffers a stroke each year. Levi Lastine is now trying to walk and use his arms again after a blood clot caused his stroke in December of 2009.

"I was never suppose to walk or talk or any of that," Levi says.

After being rushed to St. Mary's and undergoing a series of tests, doctors told Levi's mom Billie the terrifying news.

"They told us it was a stroke," she recalls.

There were very few indications that something this serious was happening to someone so young. The day before Levi had only complained of headaches, his parents thought maybe he needed glasses. They never once thought their teenage son could have a stroke.

"I said 'does it happen in children' and he said yes it does, it can happen in anyone," Billie says.

For the first two months, doctors told Levi he'd probably never be able to walk, let alone get on his skateboard again, he's now set out to prove them wrong.

"I was never suppose to walk or talk or any of that, so far I'll be walking in like a month or two," the 15-year-old says sitting in his wheelchair.

After four long months in the hospital, Levi finally got to go home Monday. The Lastine's have had to make some temporary repairs for Levi's wheelchair while he goes through physical therapy to regain use of his arms and legs.

But Levi's mom is just thankful he's pulled through, "He's a very determined boy, very strong boy, I always knew he was, but I think he's a miracle."

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