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By Steph Anderson

One Century High School club gets messy for a cause

ROCHESTER, MN (KTTC-DT) -- One Rochester group equates themselves to Santa Claus, or the Tooth Fairy - you only know they've been there after you see what they've left behind.

Century High School Principal Chuck Briscoe is known for his Tuxedo Tuesdays. But here you won't find him wearing one - he's exchanged it for stuff he's not afraid will get a little messy.

When Century High School started asking students to take part in more volunteer activities, Chuck stepped up to help.

Chuck says, "The one thing I can do well is paint. So I decided to start up a painting club."

He wasn't sure who would join. He ended up with about a dozen eager girls.

Jenessa Johnson, a Century High School Senior, says, "I mean, girls can get out and do stuff. We're not going to sit around and stay nice and clean."

This is the second year Century's paint club has existed.

Jenessa says, "Once a month, or every other month, we pick a Saturday, or Wednesday, or whatever works, and we go and paint a house. Or a kitchen. Or a Salvation Army.

That's where the girls were on Thursday, helping the Salvation Army tackle a renovation. And while customers shopped, the club tackled two big walls.

Chuck, once a professional painter, makes sure painting supplies are on hand. And he's taught the girls, regardless of their abilities, how to take on tasks of this size.

Chuck says, "So a lot of them have become pretty good painters. I think their parents would be surprised how well they could probably trust them to paint a bedroom or two at their own home."

And it's a messy task, not for the dirty faint of heart. The girls are detailed, but it's a club afterall: they don't take themselves too seriously.

Chuck says, "There are so many good things kids are doing in this town, this is just another example of what they do."

Jenessa says, "And in a way that helps me too, because I got to learn how to paint, and be with friends, and help the community, so it's great."

And although it's all volunteer work, there's the occasional material reward.

One of the girls asks, "Do you want to take a pizza break?"

Chuck says, "Guess we could punch out a few minutes and take a pizza break. So. Yeah. Sounds good. Just watch where we're tracking so we're not a bunch of paint fairies."

The girls have worked on several projects through the past two years, including Habitat for Humanity, some Senior centers, and they're always looking for more painting.

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