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Neighborhood association reacts to shooting and kidnapping

Message the KTTC NewsCenter received from the Eastside Pioneers Neighborhood Association 4/14/2010 following a kidnapping and shooting in Northwest Rochester:

The Eastside Pioneers Neighborhood Association (ESPNA) condemns the kidnapping and shooting that occurred in our neighborhood early on Wednesday morning April 14, 2010. We have worked very hard to make our neighborhood a safe, secure and attractive place to live. Many of us that live in this neighborhood have invested heavily in our homes and in our families. We have worked hard to create a safe environment within which we can live and raise our families. This is a great neighborhood, a nice place to live and the ESPNA fully intends to keep it that way.

We will not tolerate anything that violates the peace and security of our neighborhood. We work closely with law enforcement as well as city and county officials to keep our neighborhood safe. We will seek every legal solution possible to guarantee the safety and security of the neighborhood. The person or persons responsible for the shooting and kidnapping terrorized our neighbors and violated the peace and security of our neighborhood. We do not intend to let such acts of violence to go unpunished and will pursue every legal avenue possible to see that justice is done.

We urge our neighbors to attend our May 13 neighborhood association meeting at the Boys and Girls Club for further input and action on this incident. We would also encourage our neighbors to attend the upcoming Neighbors for Safety meeting on Tuesday April 20 at 6:30 PM at the Rochester International Event Center for further input and action as well.

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