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First weigh-in results

Hello Teams,

Congratulations to the teams and individuals that are in the lead. Here are the results from the first weigh in.

Please remember this is percentage of weight lost, not total pounds lost.

Top 3 teams

1) The Fat-Tastic Four 6.73% lost

2) The Hefty Hovde's 6.06% lost

3) The Downsizers 5.18%

 Top 3 Female

1) Holly Schlink 10.82%

2) Heidi Hanson 9.17%

3) Tasa Kostel 8.34%

Top 3 Male

1) Mike Heil 9.03%

2) Jim Struble 8.1%

3) Brandon Buckingham 7.88% 

Here is the formula for calculating your own percentage.

(Pounds lost divided by initial weight) X 100 will give you your percentage lost if you'd like to figure out where you sit compared to the leaders.

For example:

If you weighed 200 lbs and lost 20lbs, you would divide 20 /200 = .1 Multiply .1 x 100 = 10% lost

Random Subway winners have been selected from those who weighed in on Sunday. Those 12 people are listed below.

1) Celeste Lewis

2) Cari Todd

3) Tom Kelly

4) Amy Luckow

5) Zach Darby

6) Tom Amos

7) Carrie Nelson

8) Deb Moran

9) Jessie Hovde

10) Heidi Vietor

11) Frank Wilson

12) Brooke Jacobson

If your name is on the list the certificates for the 6" sub winners will be available at the RAC front desk.

It is obvious that there are a lot of people putting a great deal of effort into this contest. Keep up the great work!!

The RAC team

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