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By Crystal Oko

Gliding toward the Olympics


ROCHESTER, MN (KTTC-DT) -- We're use to seeing skating in the Olympics.

But a Rochester team packing up their bags for nationals is wondering why they aren't doing the same for the Olympics.

Synchronized skating is a sport you probably have never seen before.

For the Rochester Rhythm and Blades Synchronized Skating Team, they practice day in and day out.

But the International Olympic Committee still says that's not good enough.

It's easy to be mesmerized by how effortlessly figure skaters glide across the ice.

Times that by seventeen and it becomes even more mesmerizing and more difficult.

"When you're skating with a team it's a lot more fun," said Jenna Sward.

The sport is synchrnonzed skating.

"We're doing things such as circles and blocks and wheels and all the skaters need to be synchronized together as they're doing these things so it's sort of taking ice dancing and mulitplying it," said Vikki Dahlquist, the coach of the Rhythm and Blades Skating team.

Yet despite the athleticism and technique synchronized skating has yet to be an Olympic sport.

"That is really an excellent, excellent question. They've been working hard to try and get it into the Olympics. I heard, at one point, that it was going to be an exhibition sport this year, but it's just not happening apparently," said Dahlquist.

Despite the struggles the sport has seen, these seventeen young women have seen a lot of success this season. They placed 4th at the Midwestern Championships. Next week, they're heading to nationals.

Perhaps in the back of their mind knowing that some day, their younger counterparts could be heading to the Olympics.

Dahlquist said in the past there have been issues that have kept synchro from the Olympics, such as the numbers of skaters and the location of the judge's booth.

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