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Fanna Haile-Selassie

Showing your horns

Pine Island, MN (KTTC-DT)--The build up to the big post-season play-off game Sunday night was tremendous. Many showed their horns this past week, and a few others went up and beyond for a game some say is more important than the Super Bowl.

The past week was chock-full of Vikings mania. Everywhere you went, you were bound to see some kind of memorabilia.

"I just truly believe that this is going to be our year," says Vikings fan Greg Gallas.

Some people took the craziness even a step further.

"It's amazing what you can do with one of those pump up fertilizer sprayers and some gel food coloring. It doesn't take very long at all," Gallas exclaims.

If coloring the outside of your house isn't crazy enough, how about coloring the inside.

"You can definitely feel it when you walk downstairs. It's Viking heaven."

Dan Rose just finishing painting his basement purple a day before the big game.

"Had a long talk with my wife and she let me, finally caved in and let me do it. My mom got me a lot of stuff for Christmas to decorate the room and got everything done up."

Of course it's all for the love of the game. But it's Sunday's play-off game that has a few people nervous, if you look back at Vikings history.

"We get so close and then they let us down. Much like 2000 when we had Carter and all those good ones that season," says Rose's wife Marie.

Although, if you ask many Vikings fans, they'll tell you the game will all come down to one person.

"It's one thing, Brett Favre. I wouldn't want anyone else at the helm. He's been through this so many times and he's going to lead us to the promise land," remarks Rose.

And if he doesn't, at least Vikings fans say they had a good year.

Dan Ross says he is trying to get his wife to allow him to paint the rest of the basement for the Super Bowl game.

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