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by Noel Sederstrom, KTTC News Director

COPY-Wild turkeys take a liking to Darlene's deck

ROCHESTER (KTTC-DT) -- Getting close enough to watch wild turkeys is the dream of many a Minnesota sportsman, but to look out the dining room slider on a cold snowy day and see a few just hanging out on the deck is something else entirely.

"People like to feed the wild birds but they don't expect to see wild turkeys!" says Darlene Thompson of southwest Rochester.

"These hungry turkeys must have found it difficult to find bird food on the ground below our deck so came onto the deck," Darlene noted.  "I don't know why they thought to come up, as we've never seen them there before."

The birds came up from the wooded valley behind the Thompson's home on Wednesday afternoon, looking for food.

Darlene shared her amazing photos with KTTC NewsCenter.  She says some of her photos were taken through a slightly frosted door so they may not be as sharp as some people might like.  But she didn't dare get too close, because wild turkeys are notoriously skittish.

"Some kept lifting one foot up as if they had cold feet." 

Of course, this was the day of the great Blizzard of '09 in our area, so there's good reason for them to be cold all over, really.

One of the big birds tried to take the stairs down to the ground "and slid lid a little kid losing his footing, bump bump bump" she laughed.

"They even signed the deck guest book," says Darlene, smiling about the print left in the snow.

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