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By Chris Conte

Innovative New Drill Bits


Rushford (KTTC-DT)--  Rushford based Hypersonic has found a way to make more durable, long lasting tools using some very innovative technology.

Dan Fox, Hypersonic's President says, "What we've accomplished so far is historic."

Fox has invested over a million dollars into this chamber where nanoparticles move at speeds of up to Mach 8.

"Where in the industry it takes them up to three days, we can do it in three minutes," Fox added.

The mixture of extreme heat and speed helps create a coating, that the company is first testing out on drill bits.

"They will stay sharper for longer..."

While the standard drill bit only made it through a 1/2 inch of stainless steal six times, the silicon carbine coated bit made it through 238 times.

What that means for the average consumer - longer life and more durablility for their work tools.

And it's not just drill bits that can be coated....

"We are working with Mayo to create prostetics implants to be used."

And out of all this new technology - Fox say he expects to be hiring close to 55 new employees.

"If they only have to buy one tool instead of four to do that job...that's alot better," Fox says.

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