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Finalist - Jeanne Gade

FINALIST - Jeanne Gade of Caledonia

It's the time of the year to bring out my ugly ole grill
It's noted and most famous for "being a pill"

It's been in the family for so many years
Broken handle, rust ridden...just starting it brings tears
Once it gets lighted you see plenty of leaks as it takes forever to finish my steaks
How I got this "unsightly beast" started I haven't a clue?

As I long to have family and friends over for more BBQ's
I wished I could say that it keeps my food hot
I love my ole grill...most certainly NOT
I'm done begging, and pleading for it to "pleasssssse start"

I have my sledge hammer ready to blow it apart
I've submitted my photos and tried all my best
To comply with the rules of the 3rd annual contest
You just don't know how happy I'd be If I won the Ugliest Grill Contest at KTTC!

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